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We invest in early stage companies and help turn finance and operations into a strategic asset.

We are hands-on from day one and bring a breadth of experience in addition to our network to each of our portfolio companies.

We believe that success depends on the founders and the market, but that failure can come from the many pitfalls along the way - we exist to help companies avoid those pitfalls and realize their full potential.

Our investment focus is outstanding entrepreneurs with companies that leverage differentiated technology to disrupt big markets through innovative business models.

We typically invest between the pre-seed and Series A stage alongside a broad range of co-investors in the US, Israel and Europe, and aim to make very efficient investment decisions.


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The Verissimo team comes from operational finance, transactional finance, technology leadership and R&D. We have worked with companies from the founding stage all the way through IPO and M&A exits. We bring our breadth of experience to each of our portfolio companies and at each stage of their growth. All together, we have had the privilege to work with and learn from excellent organizations including NEA, Morgan Stanley, GE, Udemy, Planet Labs, Ebates, Autodesk, Yelp, Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

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Investment Submission Form
Investment Submission Form

Trying to raise funding for your company, find answers to your financial strategy questions, or just get feedback for your startup? Check out our

. We look at a lot of companies, but will try to get back to you quickly if we think there might be a good fit.

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